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STREETS is the music project of Chicago local Amir Mashayekhi. Starting off playing DIY parties in the city, then graduating to local bass music stages and throwing large-scale shows himself, STREETS has always been a project about progression. 

From hip-hop, to half-tempo Drum & Bass, and now to a more "genre-free" approach, there's one thing that has stayed consistent with his evolution: always searching for the newest, forward-thinking experimentations through sound and culture. Though core genres that make up electronic music, coined as IDM, are what inspires STREETS to progress, he gravitates towards anything that challenges the listener. This diversity in taste is what inspires him to contribute to SATELLITE ERA. Through this outlet, he seeks to share his obscure musical findings and bring those willing to listen together in sonic unison.

After a well-received debut EP, also being SATELLITE ERA'S introductory release, STREETS will surely continue to cement his involvement in electronic music, from helping build a grassroots local scene, to reaching listeners around the planet.