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SERA008: the Third Edition of Our Distant Arrays Series Showcases Our Ethereal Side

Satellite Era presents Distant Arrays Volume 03 - the third edition of our various artist series that aims to diversify our collection of experimental dance music.

Cover art by Nic Juister

Distant Arrays is an immersive showcase of our audio/visual capabilities as a collective. We are honored to introduce you to the newest additions to our team, continuously expanding all over the planet each and every edition.

We would like to thank our friends over at The Untz for premiering "If I Could" and showcasing the full EP ahead of its release earlier this month.


Making a return to our imprint is Montreal-based producer gonima with a memorable introductory track. Luminescence draws influence from the early 2000s electronica, a golden age in the foundation of computer music and an era we hold close to our hearts. While reminding us of an older, dusty setting, it still stays true to his distinct sound with glitchy bits and vibrant pads included.

Following up on his track from the previous edition of this series is Phoenix-based artist Brendan Rincon. This time, he takes a slower-paced, breakbeat-inspired route with Variations. The track's progression boasts his songwriting abilities that initially caught our ears and is filled with uplifting yet challenging moments.

We are pleased to welcome Lazarus Moment, the newest addition to our label. Known for developing his craft in the future garage realm, the Swedish artist showcases his established sound with If I Could. Though proudly residing within the structured garage formula, his track stands out as a derivative by introducing well-programmed breaks to the equation.

Making his brilliant project debut last year for our second release with Butterfly EP, UK-based producer Test Bench returns with a more upbeat-sounding track compared to his previous work. A Good Place delivers a pleasant outro in the form of an off-kilter, ethereal jungle track. His drum work and its crystal-clear processing is fully attentive, all while ambient pads fill the space around it.

"Stationed beyond the horizon lies a cluster of autonomous satellite arrays - each serving as capsules of detained time, points of transit between diverse concepts, and the sensorial relation between tangible audio and visual worlds. They fill the thin air with varied frequencies and beam optic elements into the minds of drawn newcomers and devoted adherents alike. Though each array hosts different creators from every remote edge of this decaying planet, they communicate with us through the vigorous potential of art. They link together to create a limitless field without borders – only human connection. These are the Distant Arrays..."


Distant Arrays Volume 03 is out now on all major platforms through smartURL - you can also directly support our label via Bandcamp through the widget below.

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