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SERA007: The Second Edition of Distant Arrays Adds Dancefloor Weapons to Our Arsenal

Satellite Era presents Distant Arrays Volume 02 - the second edition of our various artist series that aims to diversify our collection of experimental dance music.

Cover art by Nic Juister

Distant Arrays is an immersive showcase of our audio/visual capabilities as a collective. We are honored to introduce you to the newest additions to our team, continuously expanding all over the planet each and every edition.

Our friends at Igloo Magazine were kind enough to review the EP earlier ahead of its release. We would also like to thank two of our favorite France-based blogs: SeekSickSound for premiering Overcurrent by STREETS and BitLoud along with Couvre x Chefs for premiering Vitreous by Brendan Rincon.


Joining forces for their first-ever collaboration are Satellite Era co-founder STREETS and UK-based artist BitLoud. Having been connected through the internet for years, the two combine their keen ears for club music to deliver Overcurrent, an ode to aggressive breaks blended with heavy bass made to destroy future dancefloors.

Following his stellar Somewhere In Between EP released with us last year, hometown hero Agent O returns with undoubtedly his best track to date. Calligraphy continues his search for a comfortable middle ground between UK garage and modern bass music – the track abides to its name and showcases his distinct sonic signature, written in elegant cursive.

Neighboring our home state is Michigan-based newcomer Zuni – we welcome his interpretation of Drum ‘n’ Bass onto our label. Persistent showcases his capabilities as a producer and includes the proper ingredients to create a minimal DnB track: attentive drums, consistent low-end presence, background ambiance, and vocal chops peppered on top.

Finally, we welcome Phoenix-based multimedia artist and sound designer Brendan Rincon onto our crew. Residing beneath the foreground of electronic music, the underrated musician made it on our radar with his strong songwriting abilities and production quality. This can be heard in Vitreous, a fast-paced, high-energy track that progresses skillfully over time.

"Stationed beyond the horizon lies a cluster of autonomous satellite arrays - each serving as capsules of detained time, points of transit between diverse concepts, and the sensorial relation between tangible audio and visual worlds. They fill the thin air with varied frequencies and beam optic elements into the minds of drawn newcomers and devoted adherents alike. Though each array hosts different creators from every remote edge of this decaying planet, they communicate with us through the vigorous potential of art. They link together to create a limitless field without borders – only human connection. These are the Distant Arrays..."


Distant Arrays Volume 02 is out now on all major platforms through smartURL - you can also directly support our label via Bandcamp through the widget below.

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