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SERA006: Exploring the Debut of Satellite Era Co-Founder Pixsol

SERA006: Satellite Era presents "Fracture EP" - the debut project of Satellite Era co-founder Pixsol and our first release of 2021.

Cover art by Nic Juister

Operating from our Chicago headquarters, Milan Milovanovic delivers a refreshing start to 2021 in the form of his first official EP as Pixsol.

"Fracture EP" is a new beginning of Pixsol's musical path and rebirth of the sound he has developed over the years. The cohesive project from our co-founder marks the first of many releases from us in 2021 - a great start to our journey into the new year.


"Hue is a representation of color in my life. It begins with cooler tones then progresses into warm ones in the end, completing a full spectrum of sound."

"Tangled is an occurrence that happens unexpectedly in life, while seeming to become undone in an instant. We are represented by the bird and soft pads, while life contrasts it through the heavy bass and glitch noises."

"Fracture, the title track of the EP, captures the beauty in broken things - though once something breaks, it never fully returns to its original state."

"LoseId closes the EP with an unobtainable idea - becoming both lucid in life and losing ones id. The song trails off, never coming to a close, similar to the pursuit of an unideal goal."


"Fracture EP" is out now on all major platforms through smartURL - you can also directly support our label via Bandcamp through the widget below.

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