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SERA004: Tsone Welcomes Distinct Modular Sound to Our Label With "Airmass EP"

Satellite Era presents "Airmass EP" - a six-track, modular-based project written and performed by multi-faceted artist Tony Obr, best known as Tsone.

Cover art by Nic Juister

Existing beneath the warm sun and foreground of Arizona is modular wizard Tsone - a household name for enthusiasts in the American IDM scene and direct product of the niche yet inclusive community.

His discography is already well-decorated, containing releases on established U.K. ambient labels Whitelabrecs and Home Normal along with the legendary U.S. imprint Schematic Music Company. He now returns to inhabit the airwaves with "Airmass EP," his first full release of 2020 and perhaps his strongest, most diverse work yet.

"Airmass EP" is a genre-bending ode to extending the capabilities of music, driven by technology and the 'happy accidents' solely achievable through modular hardware. The six tracks sit perfectly between various emotions: it is as beautiful as it is eerie, accessible yet sometimes demanding, and always chaotically stirring. Though tightly knit thematically, its sonic variance welcomes new surprises each passing minute, from lush soundscapes to synthetic drums programmed to leave a lasting impression. A full listen-through is meant to be challenging and thought-provoking, yet the outcome is always 30 memorable minutes of electronic brilliance.

"A theme that appears a lot in the work I do is the way order can emerge from chaos and how order can also dissolve into chaos. I like exploring the way these concepts appear in organic forms as well as within our technology - entropy in our technology is a reminder that technology, something that extends our potential as a species, is not immune to the forces of nature. It is in fact a part of the natural world." - Tony Obr (Tsone).

We would like to thank Tsone for allowing us to be part of this monumental project - expect more from him through our platform very soon.


"Airmass EP" is out now on all major platforms - accessible through its SmartURL. You can support our label directly via Bandcamp through the widget below!

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