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SERA003: Agent O Lands on Our Label With Garage-Influenced EP "Somewhere In Between"

Satellite Era presents – a collection of 4 tracks meddling between UK garage and modern bass music from Chicago-based producer David Olivares, widely known as Agent O.

Cover art by Nic Juister

From making it onto some of bass music’s most up-and-coming collectives, to building a name in Chicago’s niche underground scene, “Somewhere In Between” is a statement of Agent O’s best, most matured work. The EP finds middle ground between a keen UK garage influence and modern bass music elements, creating a distinct yet accessible listening experience for enthusiasts of both musical realms.

The EP starts off strong with “Selection,” certainly the most demanding track of the bunch. It immediately begins with an exciting build-up that leads to a sound space full of glitchy noise bits, diverse percussion, and solid low-end presence. The bass stabs placed around the track have a UK garage feel to them and brings it all together.

This track was premiered by The Untz on August 19th

“Okay” immediately shows off its influence with a percussive groove familiar to any garage head. The song continues to produce with a groovy bassline that is ready to serve as a dancefloor weapon for DJs everywhere. All the glitchy ambiance from the previous track is passed down and utilized effortlessly.

This track was premiered by SeekSickSound on September 2nd

The EP then takes an emotional turn with “Rain.” Everything from the gloomy pads to the vocal sample fall into place to create an expressive love song that surely stands out from the rest. The breakdown in between the two main sections of the track slow things down a bit, just before the second drop picks it right back up even stronger.

The final track “Somewhere In Between” serves as an appropriate outro to the EP. It wraps up the main premise of it all: a nod to UK garage with a modern twist of forward-thinking bass music. The delayed synth over the bassline fits the overall theme and the track’s second half takes a calmer turn, serving as a perfect way to roll the credits.

Agent O’s debut on Satellite Era is a milestone for our label as we welcome another promising creator from our home base of Chicago on board. We look forward to more growth and prominent dancefloor tracks from him in the future.


Somewhere In Between EP is out today exclusively on Bandcamp and tomorrow on all major platforms - please support our label directly on Bandcamp Day through the widget below!

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