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SERA002: Test Bench Makes His Debut for Our Label's Second Release With "Butterfly"

Satellite Era presents – the debut release of Test Bench, a new project from UK-based producer Adam Doe (aka BitLoud) that primarily focuses on techno and club music.

Cover art by Nic Juister

Having established a strong base with his original BitLoud alias, Test Bench is a step away from the standard bass music formula. Already making waves on household labels of the genre such as Forest Biz and Aspire Higher, while also frequently appearing on the renowned Noisia Radio show, he has now extended his talent to the realm of four-by-four beats. His debut EP Butterfly showcases the new sound he has to offer: a minimalist approach to techno with a thumping, nearly intoxicating kick drum and reverberated atmosphere that embraces a trance-like listening experience.

The EP kicks off with “Welcome To The New World” which is a telling introduction to Test Bench and the current climate of our planet. Its vocal sample, haunting yet calm and monotonal, reminds the listener of the dystopia surrounding us. All seems uncertain up until bright plucks enter the soundscape and give the track new life.

“Stoic” takes a less minimal approach than the previous song, introducing percussive elements and a consistent, pulsating bassline that carries it through nearly six minutes of valuable progression. The slower tempo and moody vocal samples make the track feel almost like a groovy tech house track, except with much more character and grit.

The midpoint in the project is likely its most rhythmic yet obsessively minimal track in the EP. “Helter Skelter” is sure to generate movement on the dance floor, building up masterfully to welcome an ‘in-your-face’ styled techno beat to the audience. The end of the track sees it dissembled as the tempo slows down to a halt.

Though already familiar with the direction that Test Bench has taken us, “Butterfly” feels like a synopsis of everything heard so far, wrapped together tightly and set free to fly away. The minimal techno characteristics are present, except this time with more vibrant melodies and percussion surrounding it, making it very fitting for the title track.

The story ends with “2346” which is the clear-cut anthem of this project. The track’s unmistakable nod to rave music is both noticed and respected – it is meant to be celebrated in a sweaty, dark room on a precise sound system. Everything from its potent bassline to sensual vocal samples feels eclectically selected to create a meaningful finish to the EP.

Test Bench’s debut merely showcases the surface of his new alias. His skill to produce secret weapons for dance floors will surely contribute to the longevity of his project. We are very honored and excited to welcome him to the label. Butterfly EP is now available on all major platforms - please stream or support our label directly through the Bandcamp widget below!

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