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SATELLITE SELECTS - May 2020: New Music From Ital Tek, Lorn, Two Fingers, and More

In an effort to introduce you to new sounds and artists, SATELLITE ERA will be selecting tracks released each month to showcase. Each Spotify playlist, ordered by premiere date, will focus on showcasing at least one song from current forward-thinking electronic releases.

Welcome to another rendition of SATELLITE SELECTS. This month further progresses the extraordinary year that electronic music is having with a number of highly anticipated albums finally seeing daylight.

Highlighted below are some of our favorite releases from May, followed by the Spotify playlist and a track list to archive when the playlist is updated next month.

Ital Tek - Outland (Planet Mu)

Album originally released on May 1st, 2020. Support on Bandcamp here

One of the first releases of the month came from English producer Ital Tek. The highly anticipated Outland is his seventh full-length album on globally famed record label Planet Mu and a direct followup to 2018's Bodied, widely considered to be his work.

After over a decade of decorated releases, Ital Tek continues to mature his sound and slightly pivot away from writing music for the club setting. However this isn't always the case, with "Deadhead" surely being a new anthem for junglists and lovers of bass-driven beats. Having such a diverse discography on a label as important as Planet Mu has been for electronic music is an acclamation of its own, but always being able to capture a certain theme in a record is an irreplaceable trait.

Outland holds consistent undertones of a dystopian world full of intense ambient soundscapes and haunting yet beautiful chords in the form of arpeggios. Tracks like "Leaving the Grid" and "Endless" not only progress the narrative, but also showcase Ital Tek's ability to create ambient music that does not fall short of a well-done bassline.

Cocktail Party Effect - Cocktail Party Effect (Tectonic Recordings)

Album originally released on May 1st, 2020. Support on Bandcamp here

The debut album for Berlin-based producer Cocktail Party Effect marks the first full-length album released on renowned British label Tectonic in nearly two years. Founded by Pinch and known for helping pioneer modern dubstep with releases from genre giants such as Skream and Loefah, Tectonic has always kept their dance floor influences alive by blurring lines between dubstep and techno. The result are releases that incorporate both genres' energies, with dubstep's low-end presence guiding and techno's ability to move a crowded room.

Both elements heavily persist in Cocktail Party Effect's self-titled debut, with relentless tracks like "For the Memory Exchange" and "War on Codex" leading the way. A few surprises in the album fulfilled our experimental cravings; "Cause for Bad Shelving" particularly flexed the ability to create IDM-esque genres like breakcore proficiently, all while staying within the album's core sound elements and theme.

Lorn & Dolor - Zero Bounce (Self-Released)

EP originally released on May 6th, 2020. Support on Bandcamp here

Whether you are an aged veteran within the core genres of electronic music, or part of a newer movement focusing on the live aspect of it such as bass music, those indulged in the world of forward-thinking electronic music can all agree on one thing: Lorn is one of the greatest producers of our time.

It is quite challenging to write about the maestro's music; it simply requires to be listened to and individually interpreted. All of Lorn's familiar qualities are present - a distinct, sorrow aura that fills the sound space, masterfully reverberated ambiance that filters through the stereo, and a low-end that rattles your core. Add frequent collaborator Dolor and his experienced sense of rhythmic progression and you get tracks like "The Woods" and "Private Oar" that would not exist without these two coming together.

As Lorn has gone fully independent over the years, it is always commemorated when he releases new work to the world. With another solo album on the way, it seems like we will be celebrating again very soon.

Grischa Lichtenberger - KAMILHAN, il y a péril en la demeure (Raster)

Album originally released on May 8th, 2020. Support on Bandcamp here

Known for his consistent output of music in terms of quantity, yet still being able to piece together full albums that feel woven with a particular theme and standard, Berlin-based musician Grischa Lichtenberger continues his tirade with his newest album on the German powerhouse label Raster. Following up his project re: phgrp from last year, he continues his interpretation of free jazz by delivering 14 diverse tracks, each with their own ambiance and samples from an aged era of instrumental music.

Lichtenberger's high-fidelity textures compared to slightly daunting jazz-like vocals make up a unique composition, which can be heard in "v carg 1br." Aside from regularly using processed vocal samples, he is also recognized for the ability to create abstract, broken rhythms. This is demonstrated in "syn resr," which contains heavy drum work in an odd time signature.

Two Fingers - Fight! Fight! Fight! (Nomark)

Album originally released on May 15th, 2020. Support on Bandcamp here

After a hiatus lasting well through most of the 2010s, Amon Tobin returned last year with two incredible records among plenty of singles and EPs surrounding them. Being a man of multiple successful aliases (Cujo, Only Child Tyrant), perhaps his greatest achievement aside from his main project is Two Fingers. This alias has always existed as a place for Tobin to express a more dance floor oriented side of his productions.

Fight! Fight! Fight! does exactly that, taking the foundation of LA beat culture and modernizing it through Tobin's distinct sound. Two Fingers is a celebration of rhythm and movement; this is clear and done fittingly in the percussive-filled track "Rockyou Feelit." With collaborations with some of underground bass music's most decorated artists, what Tobin has created with this album is a much-needed space for the genre to excel and showcase its capabilities.

Two Fingers brings forth an underground sound and properly delivers it to the masses. With his new independent label Nomark running the show, expect plenty of future releases from each of Tobin's triumphant projects.


Along with this past April, May turned out to be a very important month for electronic music so far this year. It felt like something new, sometimes multiple releases, were readily available every Friday for us to dissect. Other notable releases in May 2020: the return of Luke Vibert's jungle and breakbeat project Amen Andrews, a new album from electronic composer Ben Lukas Boysen, and a new EP from the neuro/glitch hop masterminds KOAN Sound.

We hope you enjoy our selection of new music to discover; a typed list is provided underneath the Spotify playlist for archiving purposes as the playlist will be updated each month to showcase all our favorite latest releases.



  1. Ital Tek - Deadhead

  2. Ben Lukas Boysen

  3. EOD - Emper

  4. Stazma - Defunktional (Daed Remix)

  5. Cocktail Party Effect - War on Codex

  6. Lorn & Dolor, THE WOODS

  7. Echo Map - Sunrise

  8. Rolando Simmons - Eaten Alive

  9. ASC - Remedy - Alternate Version

  10. Offthesky - Illusory Reel

  11. Grischa Lichtenberger - syn resr

  12. Halogenix - Independent

  13. Forest Drive West - Hidden Past

  14. Two Fingers - Rockyou Feelit

  15. Phillip Sollmann - Tape

  16. Xzicd - Michikoid

  17. Commodo - Loan Shark

  18. Biome - Stagger

  19. DJ Ride - Let Me Do My Thing

  20. Luke Vibert - Strange

  21. KOAN Sound - Cosmic Tuba

  22. Shrimpnose - A Song for the Helpless

  23. Ital Tek - Leaving the Grid

  24. Cocktail Party Effect - Cause for Bad Shelving

  25. Lorn & Dolor - ZERO BOUNCE