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SATELLITE SELECTS - July 2020: New Music From Lapalux, Kllo, Rival Consoles, and More

In an effort to introduce you to new sounds, SATELLITE ERA will be selecting tracks released each month to share. Each Spotify playlist, ordered by premiere date, will focus on showcasing at least one song from current forward-thinking electronic releases.

Welcome to another edition of SATELLITE SELECTS. As the influx of fresh music continues to shape 2020 into a year of dominant newcomers and trendsetters, July proved to be one of the year's most diversely stacked months yet. Like April, this month saw new releases at both high quality and quantity; music emerged from all edges of the electronic universe.

Already featured this month in their own articles are the following releases:

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Highlighted below are some more of our favorite releases from July, followed by our Spotify playlist and a track list to archive since the playlist is updated each month.

Lapalux - Esrevoinma (Self-Released)

Album released on July 3rd, 2020 - support on Bandcamp here

The first release on our radar this month welcomed back UK-based producer Lapalux for Esrevoinma, an EP of tracks that did not make it on his critically acclaimed album Amnioverse released last year. Along with the three original songs are three more alternate and live versions of tracks on the original album.

The 20-minute EP saw high praise as all proceeds went to 10 different charities fighting racial injustice around the UK and world. "51 Endless Pulses" is an incredibly built track, yet lacks the same thematic experience as the rest of Amnioverse, making it a perfect candidate for this EP. Both alternate versions of tracks and the live version of "Earth" are a treat to those who fell in love with the full album last year; we surely did.

Kllo - Maybe We Could (Ghostly International)

Album released on July 17th, 2020 - support on Bandcamp here

Melbourne duo Kllo have consistently brought their own direction to two distinct musical features: lush, mesmerizing vocals effortlessly wrapped around club-friendly instrumentals.

Their flagship sound is audibly prevalent in their sophomore album Maybe We Could seeing the light of day on globally renowned record label Ghostly. Kllo not only embraces their clear UK garage influence, but surrounds it with other genres that the album is guided by such as R&B and breakbeat. A few tracks that stand out are "Still Here" with its memorable breaks, "My Gemini" which sounds like a lost Burial track, and "1 Up" sounding like a full-blown R&B track, full of emotion and a catchy beat.

Rival Consoles - Articulation (Erased Tapes)

Album released on July 31st, 2020 - support on Bandcamp here

The end of this month has been graced with a new album from one of modern electronic music's maestros Rival Consoles. His attention to detail regarding song progression and raw synthesis always makes for an incredible listening experience.

Though shorter than most of his full-length albums, Articulation does not lack in the detail department; all 34 minutes showcase both the roots of the Rival Consoles project along with the progression of his ability to create lush soundscapes and contend with household ambient and modern classical names. The title track flexes both beauty and production intelligence, as gated synths enter the space in multiple time signatures. Though overall cheerful in a listening sense, "Sudden Awareness of Now" concludes the record on enigmatic terms; how could this really be the end when it feels like we just started? The wait for his next release, whenever that will be, has suddenly begun.


July surely picked up the quantity level of new music released, which lowered a bit the month before, and is now back to comparable outputs seen in April and May. The second half of 2020 has begun with clear momentum and July continued to showcase the many unique releases heard throughout the year.

Other notable releases in July 2020: the debut of Amon Tobin's new project Figueroa, one our multi-genre favorites Special Request making it onto the legendary R&S Records, and Shlohmo releasing a promising single from his forthcoming EP out in September.

We hope you enjoy our selection of new music to discover; a typed list is provided below for archiving purposes as the Spotify playlist is updated each month to showcase new releases.



  1. Lapalux - 51 Endless Pulses

  2. Special Request - Spectral Frequency

  3. Turning Torso - Drip

  4. HKE - Laying in Bed

  5. Tomotsugu Nakamura - Stellar Burial

  6. Shielding - Timekeeper

  7. Scott Xylo - Shadow Sea - The Afterlife

  8. Pearson Sound - Alien Mode

  9. Hyroglifics - God Given

  10. Emperor - Snuffle Ting

  11. Philip D Kick (Om Unit) - Summer Moods

  12. BOP & Subwave - Lo-Fi Romance

  13. Kllo - Still Here

  14. Malakai - Solace

  15. Sly & The Family Drone - Dead Cat Chaos Magician

  16. Nicolas Jaar - Telahora

  17. Hunohuno - Kite

  18. Skope - Wanderer

  19. Syrge - Cavern

  20. Jessy Lanza - Badly

  21. Loraine James - Hmm

  22. Test Bench - 2346

  23. Stanislav Tolkachev - Delayed Gratification

  24. Shlohmo - Looking at Plants

  25. Figueroa (Amon Tobin) - If You Knew My Name

  26. Rival Consoles - Articulation

  27. Galtier - Precious Quartz (To Reave)

  28. Itti - Facts

  29. Wordcolour - Snicker

  30. Carlota - perceptual models