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SATELLITE SELECTS - January 2021: New Music From Bicep, Clouds, Kessler, and More

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Each monthly Spotify playlist, ordered by premiere date, focuses on showcasing at least one song from forward-thinking electronic music released during that timeframe.

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Welcome to another edition of SATELLITE SELECTS. We welcome you into 2021 with our first playlist of the year - these new releases will surely keep things moving deep into the new calendar and beyond. With much hardship last year came an abundance of amazing art that made it better at times - revisit our top 20 electronic albums of 2020 to catch up to speed.

We contributed a release to this playlist with Fracture EP by Pixsol, the debut project of the Satellite Era co-founder - out now on all major platforms.

Bicep - Isles (Ninja Tune)

Released on January 22nd, 2021 - support on Bandcamp here

We begin the new year with the sophomore album of London-based duo Bicep - a release that has been highly anticipated since its announcement last October. They have once again made it home on the legendary Ninja Tune imprint, the label that hosted their debut in 2017. Originally from Northern Island, Isles is inspired by their homeland and feels like a bridge between an uplifting, accessible sound and a clear dancefloor influence. With a strong global following, the duo embrace the mainstream while staying true to what got them there.

Favorite tracks: Atlas, Saku, Sundial

Clouds - The Parallel (The Parallel)

Released on January 22nd, 2021 - support on Bandcamp here

Known for being one of the biggest acts from the darker side of the club realm, Scottish duo Clouds return for their third album together and a way-too-early contender for record of the year. The Parallel is a synopsis of what their sound has developed into and what the future holds for the world-class duo. Rather than sticking to their established techno formula, they venture back to the distant roots of club music. This includes elements from hard dance, lush rave chords heard in anthems from yesteryear, and an overall warehouse feel to it all. Though The Parallel is now live, it will have a proper release on a new record label (with the same name as the album) curated by them.

Favorite tracks: Cernunnos, Kriegerin an Shadow, An t​-​Samhain

Kessler - Ambivalent EP (Shall Not Fade)

Released on January 22nd, 2021 - support on Bandcamp here

Rotterdam-based newcomer Kessler has been making waves in the club music department for a few years now - with his latest release Ambivalent EP, it seems that 2021 might be his best one yet. Landing on the "Basement Tracks" series by Shall Not Fade, one of the UK's most active and successful club labels in recent times, it showcases his ability to create danceable yet emotional tracks effortlessly. There is a noticeable theme: ethereal soundscapes and vocal samples blended with aggressive breakbeats and low-end presence. The release feels like a slight nod to the Ilian Tape crew and style we have grown to love, all while touching on various UK club genres like jungle, garage, breakbeat, and more.

Favorite tracks: Lambert Rise, Moonlight Branches, Kwaku


We hope you enjoy our selection of new music to discover; a typed list is provided below for archiving purposes as the Spotify playlist is updated each month to showcase new releases.

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  1. Yosh - One Time

  2. Pixsol - Fracture

  3. Sorse - Quiet Wanderer

  4. Emeka Ogboh - Everydaywehustlin

  5. Biosphere - Angel's Flight

  6. Blakmoth - Les Yeux Sur Le Mur

  7. Clouds - Kriegerin am Shadow

  8. Clouds - An t-Samhain

  9. Client_03 - User Viewport

  10. Kessler - Lambert Rise

  11. Kessler - Moonlight Branches

  12. Bicep - Atlas

  13. Bicep & Clara La San - Saku

  14. Illuvia - Nirmala II

  15. Woulg - I Will Stop

  16. Yilan - Static Void

  17. Hainbach - Schwebungssumer

  18. Venus Ex Machina - Elephant

  19. Second Storey - Cross-Hatch

  20. Fracture - Latee Killer

  21. DJ Swagger & DJ ÆDIDIAS - Psycho in Da Cut

  22. DJ ÆDIDIAS - Hypnotize

  23. Packed Rich - Mochi

  24. Madlib - Dirtknock

  25. Arms and Sleepers - only god forgives

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