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SATELLITE SELECTS - February 2021: New Music From Muqata'a, Calibre, and More

Each monthly Spotify playlist, ordered by premiere date, focuses on showcasing at least one song from forward-thinking electronic music released during that timeframe.

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Welcome to another edition of SATELLITE SELECTS. As we progress into the year, February has brought high promise to both the quality and quantity of new music that we will be getting this year. With much hardship last year came an abundance of amazing art that made it better at times - revisit our top 20 electronic albums of 2020 to catch up to speed.

We contributed a release to this playlist with Distant Arrays Volume 02, the second edition of our various artist series - out now on all major platforms.


Muqata'a - Kamil Manqus (Hundebiss Records)

Released on February 5th, 2021 - support on Bandcamp here

Ramallah-based producer Muqata'a returns with his latest full-length project that showcases his vast capabilities as an abstract hip-hop beatmaker. Kamil Manqus contains all of the traditional assets of his past work - great drum work, low-end presence, aged samples from Palestinian culture, and experimental undertones overall. I first came across his work after watching his incredible Boiler Room Palestine set over two years ago - remnants of these new tracks can be heard throughout the live performance.

Favorite tracks: Shay'an Fa Shay'an, Bilharf Alwahad, Dirasat 'Ulya

Calibre - Feeling Normal (Signature Recordings)

Released on February 26th, 2021 - support on Bandcamp here

Known for helping cultivate liquid drum 'n' bass into what it is today, UK-based artist Calibre makes his 2021 debut with an early contender for album of the year. With a career spanning over 25 years, the fabled producer is known for his soulful approach to the genre, with pretty and emotive atmospheres while still having an ear for funky drumlines. His newest album Feeling Normal takes these familiar traits and transforms them into a strictly 140 BPM record. The result is a blissful, club-ready collection of tracks that are easy to listen, yet hard to forget.

Favorite tracks: Time To Breathe (with Cimone), Has To Happen, Feeling Normal

Various Artists - REALTIME (Renraku)

Released on February 26th, 2021 - support on Bandcamp here

Our good friends over at Renraku Global Media have awakened for the year to deliver a foundational release for their collective. REALTIME picks up right where they left off with their last various artist compilation over two years ago - showcasing the finest outsiders in modern bass music that clearly deserve more praise. They thrive in being able to group together label veterans such as ALEPH and Dictate with newcomers like Marcus JT and Dried Leaves, all while still creating a cohesive and effective album.

Favorite tracks: Moment, Abandoned Plane, Sea Foam


We hope you enjoy our selection of new music to discover; a typed list is provided below for archiving purposes as the Spotify playlist is updated each month to showcase new releases.

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  1. Muqata'a - Bilharf Alwahad

  2. Muqata'a - Dirasat 'Ulya

  3. Felix Ando - The Fish

  4. Al Wootton - Maenads

  5. Steven Rutter - Going Through Life

  6. Roma Zuckerman - frequency hole 4

  7. Xen Chron - Deleted Vapor

  8. Om Unit - Ghosts

  9. Nicola Cruz - Zularic Permutations

  10. Jaskin & Uneven - Static Sleep

  11. Maltin Worf - Cream

  12. Fiesta Soundsystem - Phlso

  13. STREETS & BitLoud - Overcurrent

  14. Agent O - Calligraphy

  15. Ice_Eyes - Endless Clicks

  16. Rian Treanor - Obstacle 2

  17. Otto Von Schirach & Qebrus - Enter the Sacred Triangle

  18. Laughing Ears - Potcheen

  19. Tim Koch - Disfugue

  20. Paradox - Octa4

  21. FJAAK - WH?T

  22. Bit Folder - Graculous

  23. DMX Krew - New Sty

  24. ALEPH - Moment

  25. N² - Abandoned Plane

  26. Interplanetary Criminal & Hypho - Talbot Road

  27. Calibre & Cimone - Time To Breathe

  28. Calibre - Feeling Normal

  29. DMVU - Passed

  30. Jimmy Edgar & Sophie - Metal


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