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SATELLITE SELECTS - August 2020: New Music From Ital Tek, Valance Drakes, and More

In an effort to introduce you to new sounds, SATELLITE ERA will be selecting tracks released each month to share. Each Spotify playlist, ordered by premiere date, will focus on showcasing at least one song from current forward-thinking electronic releases.

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Welcome to another edition of SATELLITE SELECTS. As we continue onto the second half of 2020, we have yet another strong month of diverse releases from all over the electronic music sphere. Though lower in quantity than the last few months, August shaped up to be very strong for both new discoveries and releases that were already on our radar.

Already featured this month in their own articles were the following:

Forest Drive West Makes Debut on the Legendary R&S Records With "Terminus EP"

Sectra Releases Debut Album "Infinite Thoughts, Eroded Memories" Years in the Making

Highlighted below are some more of our favorite releases from August, followed by our Spotify playlist and a track list to archive since the playlist is updated each month.

Ital Tek - Dream Boundary (Planet Mu)

Released on August 7th, 2020 - support on Bandcamp here

UK-based producer Ital Tek is back on our radar this year with Dream Boundary, a strong followup to his album Outland released back in May. The EP consists of five unique tracks that were recorded during the album's creation, yet deemed unfit for the project's theme.

Rather than a mellower, ambient setting felt in Outland, the EP is full of grit and distortion that surround similar lush soundscapes. Though full of emotion, the drum work stays authentic to the acclaimed producer's club-oriented tracks. The title track "Dream Boundary" is an atmospheric hip-hop beat with gated synths layered over - it certainly is an attentive track that showcases his distinct style. "Wintered" feels like a Lorn-inspired skit with distorted growls and synths that sound like voices filling the space.

Valance Drakes - Freedom Is Its Own Kind Of Salary (Laaps Records)

Released on August 27th, 2020 - support on Bandcamp here

One of Europe's best kept secrets is surely the enigmatic project of Valance Drakes. Though quiet in nature, he has been making sonic waves for over a decade now in the depths of underground IDM, always letting the music speak over his image. He returns with Freedom Is Its Own Kind Of Salary, his best cohesive project yet.

Having made it onto the renowned Detroit Underground imprint among other household IDM labels, the skillful producer now sees new life on the very promising Laaps Records. The label itself has a very unique twist: each new release starts at the end of the previous one both thematically and sound-wise. Coined by them as "permanent continuity," this links each release together to create a flow of predominantly ambient music. This also makes Valance Drakes a perfect fit for them as most of his music shares the same qualities: a slowed hip-hop foundation with deep, glitched soundscapes layered over. His ability to create dark ambient moments while staying true to simple yet intoxicating downtempo beats has always stood out as his signature sound.

Add a monstrous collaboration with Anthony Baldino (sound-design and composition for Interstellar, Ex-Machina, and many more high-profile movies) and Freedom Is Its Own Kind Of Salary becomes well worth keeping in the "best albums of the year" conversation.

Various Artists - Alterity (Houndstooth)

Released on August 28th, 2020 - support on Bandcamp here

The end of the month certainly had plenty of fiery releases to indulge in, but a various artist compilation from the London-based label Houndstooth caught our ears the most, from its stacked lineup of rising talent to the incredible cover art.

Alterity brings together some of club music's hottest up-and-coming talents around the world to create a diverse selection of underground tracks. These dancefloor weapons all fall near a flexible techno aesthetic, but range in tempo and genres to include to jungle, breakbeat, footwork, and even gabber. A few of our favorites come from Shanghai-based producer 33EMYBW and the dynamic duo of Amazondotcom and Siete Catorce.


Other notable releases in August 2020: a diverse jungle-centric EP from Danny Scrilla, a new compilation from Microfunk filled with well-known names in the drum 'n' bass world, and two different releases from Hudson Mohawke containing unreleased beats from his collection.

We hope you enjoy our selection of new music to discover; a typed list is provided below for archiving purposes as the Spotify playlist is updated each month to showcase new releases.



  1. Hudson Mohawke - Tar

  2. Somatoast - Drizzle

  3. Ital Tek - Dream Boundary

  4. Ital Tek - Wintered

  5. Bronson (Odesza x Golden Features) - Vaults

  6. The Untouchables - Pon a Dread

  7. Danny Scrilla - World Below

  8. Protial - Peeker's Advantage

  9. Keiss - Crossroads

  10. Forest Drive West - Impulse

  11. Forest Drive West - Terminus

  12. Earl Grey - Infinite Loop

  13. Hybris - Make My Drink

  14. Doctor Jeep - F1

  15. HØST - 3D Passive

  16. Ikonika - Body Servants

  17. ALEPH & Ekcle - Semblance

  18. Aria Rostami - 2 on 2 Blinking

  19. Hudson Mohawke - All I Need

  20. Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg - Dengrouse

  21. Valance Drakes & Anthony Baldino - Wisdom Has A Certain Innocence To It

  22. Valance Drakes - Led By The Beheaded One (Feast On Your Hopes)

  23. Vestals - Pale Lips

  24. 33EMYBW - Medical Fodder

  25. Amazondotcom & Siete Catorce - Absent City