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SATELLITE SELECTS - April 2021: New Music From Iglooghost, Leon Vynehall, Tor, and More

Each monthly Spotify playlist, ordered by premiere date, focuses on showcasing at least one song from forward-thinking electronic music released during that timeframe.

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Welcome to another edition of SATELLITE SELECTS - this time, we are looking at releases from April 2021 curated on our official Spotify playlist.


Iglooghost - Lei Line Eon (Supernature)

Released on April 2nd, 2021 - support on Bandcamp here

One of electronic music's most exciting figures over the last few years has to be UK-based producer Iglooghost. A character of his own forged universe, he has already accomplished a lifetime of sonic achievements in his young career - seeing his development as an artist from the SoundCloud-era has been such a treat for the avid sound explorers. His latest full-length project Lei Line Eon is surely his magnum opus and a complete revamp from his previous work, which says a lot for someone as talented as him. The album is soft and welcoming when it needs to be, yet challenging when unexpected. Combining cultural influences, eerie vocals, and his decorated skills in sound design, Lei Line Eon will certainly stand out as one of the most unique releases of the year.

Favorite tracks: Pure Grey Circle, UI Birth (feat. BABii), Zones U Can't See

Leon Vynehall - Rare, Forever (Ninja Tune)

Released on April 30th, 2021 - support on Bandcamp here

Though Rare, Forever was highly anticipated in the electronic world, I really do not think that anyone could have predicted how monumental this new album from Leon Vynehall was going to end up being. Described as a project created during an identity crisis, the album still manages to highlight all that the UK-based producer has been known for. Even as it shares a similar theme as his previous work with a strong juxtaposition between thumping club tracks and lovely ambient moments, it finds a way to deliver something entirely unheard of overall. From start to finish, Vynehall's new piece is a early yet strong contender for album of the year.

Favorite tracks: Mothra, Alichea Vella Amor, Dumbo

Tor - Oasis Sky (Eleuthera Music)

Released on April 30th, 2021 - support on Bandcamp here

Vancouver-based producer Tor makes his long-awaited return after four long years with his latest album Oasis Sky. This record marks the third full-length project he has released thus far and by now, we have a solid grasp in understanding his sound. Everything he does feels purposeful and easily distinguishable from his clear influences - new-age trip-hop, diversity in percussion among other live instruments, and deep basslines. Oasis Sky also draws more influence to club music than his previous work, making it some of his best production yet.

Favorite tracks: Foxglove, Lens, Eleuthera


We hope you enjoy our selection of new music to discover; a typed list is provided below for archiving purposes as the Spotify playlist is updated each month to showcase new releases.

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  1. Iglooghost - Pure Grey Circle

  2. Patrick Belaga - Rust

  3. Forest Drive West - Ritual

  4. Osheyack & Nahash - Club Apathy

  5. BitLoud - Ghostmelody

  6. Interplanetary Criminal - Opulence

  7. Monty - F4DE

  8. ASC - Cold Snap

  9. Healion, Ex-Terrestrial, Priori - About Breathing

  10. Etch - Loose in the Asylum

  11. Lake Haze - That Rave Saved My Life

  12. Krotone - Resolute

  13. Kilig - Clocking In

  14. Ayesha - Apsara Dub

  15. Eomac - Mandate for Murder

  16. Shek O - Circles & Shadows Dancing

  17. Sun People - To Give

  18. Kiat, Digital - Slugstep

  19. Amy Dabbs - Allure

  20. Yosh - Hypnotise Me

  21. Julia Govor - Awake

  22. Maxwell Sterling - Speaking in the Tongues of Angels

  23. Modeselektor - Mean Friend (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)

  24. Gimmik - Carters Final Transmission

  25. Comit - Shorelines

  26. Mark Kloud - Isonation

  27. Supertask - Connection

  28. Flying Lotus - War at the Door

  29. Leon Vynehall - Mothra

  30. Tor - Foxglove