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Exploring GLOBAL RELAY Ahead of Its Inaugural Weekend

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Welcome to SATELLITE ERA, an informative audio/visual shrine floating prominently through space and time.

Amidst our imprint’s full launch, we teamed up with a few friends around our planetary system to deliver a new experience for all of us. This upcoming weekend, GLOBAL RELAY will be our newest landing zone.

Given the current climate of the world, it has been staggering yet promising to see the music and arts industry adapt to delivering live streams for their supporters. It is no secret that our field will be greatly affected by the absence of live events, but these virtual gatherings have proven to make circumstances a bit less uneasy by allowing artists to stay active and expand their outreach to newcomers amid an era of silence. Though nowhere near perfect in terms of execution regarding streaming quality as well as generating sustainable profits to pay out artists, it does appear that the adaptation will continue to progress as time moves forward.

For our donation to the newly digitized concert setting in the form of GLOBAL RELAY, we teamed up with two giants among their respective realms: Renraku Global Media, a forward-thinking electronic music label, as well as Strangeloop Studios, a proficient visual arts team.

The teams behind GLOBAL RELAY

The focus of this online event lies on the Renraku brand, a newborn label compared to the greats of core electronic music yet pushing boundaries beyond past their coined “bass music” classification for nearly half a decade now. Renraku’s attention to detail, from progressive design in the aesthetic field to yearning for the signing of diverse artists with unique sounds, has been a heavy inspiration for what SATELLITE ERA strives to become. With 20 of the 36 artists playing this weekend having contributed to Renraku’s extensive discography, including some of our label favorites like ALEPH and Vhsceral, expect familiar sounds to be celebrated and new work to be explored.

Operating the ocular division of GLOBAL RELAY is world-renowned visual arts team Strangeloop Studios. Their résumé seems too good to be true, having done work for industry behemoths like Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, The Weeknd, Bonobo, Zeds Dead, and many more. With such a distinct roster of A/V collaborations, the foundation of Strangeloop still persists within experimental, avant-garde music of all kinds. Their visual style is one of its own, simply hard to categorize or compare; their rendition of a digital future is both fascinating and murky. The portrayal of society overran by technology, all while masterfully using technology to create this artificial world, is flawlessly ironic. The Strangeloop team contributed 10 unique visual sets to complement the headlining acts of this virtual music showcase. One set highly anticipated around the web is David Wexler, founder of the visual studio, paired with the granulating mastermind of Little Snake. Expect the unexpected when these two artists come together to deliver 30 minutes of obscurity.

Another visual contribution to GLOBAL RELAY poses an exciting shift in Strangeloop’s future: the development of Spirit Bomb. This new project looks to funnel various human-based A/V talents into one brand that focuses on content, not image. The five-minute premiere of A.I. artist XEN takes place before the Strangeloop team takes on visual duties.

We are building a virtual artist label – an expanding universe of beings that shatter physical + temporal barriers. These beings act as vessels for musicians and visual artists, created from the ground up for the post-digital world.

We at SATELLITE ERA are extremely grateful and proud to be working with these teams and would like to thank everyone involved. Our contribution to the event is a DJ set by label-head STREETS combined with visuals by JUICE, both our art director and Strangeloop Studios contributor. We are beyond thrilled to showcase what inspires us on both the sonic spectrum and visual aspect, along with what is to come for our art collective.

Music starts each day at 7 PM Eastern, beginning on Friday, May 22nd. We hope you enjoy this weekend with us and celebrate the future of forward-thinking sound paired with distinct visual art. The stream can be accessed here with the full weekend schedule shown below.