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Forest Drive West Makes Debut on the Legendary R&S Records With "Terminus EP"

The UK-based producer is back on our radar with a monstrous 4-track EP consisting of likely the most innovative jungle heard all year.

Having been one of techno's biggest breakthrough artists over the last few years, Joe Baker of Forest Drive West continues his tirade by returning to the break-filled world of jungle with the long-awaited Terminus EP, this time on the world-famous R&S Records. Years before his highly acclaimed debut album on Livity Sound that flexed a proficiency of techno across various tempos, Baker saw success in the jungle realm with a huge first release on Rupture London. He now returns to the genre in a much different place than where he began, using what he learned from techno to capitalize on making some of the most mind-numbing jungle tracks heard in years.

Baker's use of repetition and minimalism surely mirrors a techno style; the generous length of the tracks (over 7 minutes each) allows room for progression, also falling into the genre's familiar characteristics. The EP was initially announced with "Impulse" for good reason: the track feels like a perfect balance between Baker's two home genres. The repetitive percussion consistent throughout, the way elements are continuously introduced, the rampant Amen breaks unleashed from time to time, and the lovely drum solo in the end all make up for easily one of our favorite tracks this year.

The EP takes a brilliant, even more minimalist route with its title track “Terminus” and simply does not turn back. "Void Control" follows the same path as both make use of constant percussion loops and well-placed kicks. As repetitive as the main components of these tracks are, the progression of new elements introduced in the soundscape is near masterful; so much happens in the background when focusing on the low-end. The EP gracefully ends with "Curved Path" - it serves as a great outro due to its inclusion of a more ambient setting and reintroduction to the mutated breaks from the beginning of the EP, bringing it full circle.


Terminus EP is yet another statement added to Baker's galvanizing résumé. The EP is out now all on major platforms and can be supported directly on Bancamp via R&S Records.

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