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Bass Connoisseur ALEPH Announces New EP With Single "Breaking And Entering"

The forthcoming three-track EP will be released June 26th on Renraku. Check out the first single and title track "Breaking And Entering."

Cover art by Viktor Kadic

After an unforgettable DJ set for our collaborative Global Relay Twitch event last month, ALEPH is back on our radar with a brand new EP that showcases his unrivaled interpretation of new-age bass music.

The East Coast producer returns to Renraku, a forward-thinking electronic label serving as his home base since the conception of the ALEPH project. Their team has been our friends and a huge inspiration to SATELLITE ERA for quite some time; that makes seeing our favorite producers progressing much more enjoyable.

Returning to ALEPH's debut EP on Renraku in 2017 after hearing his latest project, that progress mentioned is clearly shown.Though his debut still holds its weight as one of the most innovative projects on the label, it still felt like each release succeeding it has been a compositional level-up for him. What was likely the biggest indication of future greatness came from his release on Mad Zoo in late 2018. It was his most mature project to date and unveiled an eclectic side that focused more on tranquility and storytelling.

Fast-forward to 2020 and ALEPH continues his conquest of pushing bass music far past any barriers that have been already made. Low fidelity sounds once used stylistically has now been replaced with surreal, almost high definition production. Synthesized drums and a strong development of inimitable design has created a personal feel to his work. With all the enhancement over the years, one thing stays true: his ability to create tracks not only influenced by the modern club, but also readily available for DJs to use as a secret weapon on the dance floor. This formula stays consistent in his new single "Breaking And Entering." The song begins as its title does, breaking the sound space with masterfully processed Amen breaks that sound both familiar and personalized. It then transitions into a build-up that progresses the track all the way to where it enters a new world of energy amidst the drop. It is then that what has been discussed becomes valid; we hear the in-your-face sound design that feels almost unreal, yet embraces dance music's ability to move a crowd. Though influences may be heard, both from the older core of electronic music and newer bass giants, ALEPH has turned every new track into one of his own, easily distinguishable from those around him.

Listen to the first single and title track "Breaking And Entering" below and be sure to keep an eye on Renraku's Bandcamp for more pre-order information. A message from ALEPH posted on SoundCloud: "I will be donating my portion of all Bandcamp sales to the BLM movement and the ACLU. I chose Bandcamp because it is by far the largest source of record sales for myself and because the funds are available immediately, rather than some 3-4 month quarterly lump sum later this year and the movement needs support NOW. I will also be matching this amount personally (up to $500.00)."

After hearing the rest of the EP, we are very proud of ALEPH and excited for the rest to be released to the world on June 26th. The future is thrillingly bright for the bass connoisseur.

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