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Satellite Era

Bounded by the aspiration of seeking more out of media consumption, Satellite Era is an outlet that combines two perceptible worlds: auditory experiences captured by forward-thinking music paired with visual content created from boundless potential.

Satellite Era is the brainchild imprint of Nic Juister (Juice), Amir Mashayekhi (Streets), and Milan Milovanovic (Pixsol). Their tendency to constantly be in search of the newest, most progressive audio and visual projects is what fuels their desire to contribute to modern, digitized culture. The team has set out on a voyage to explore the foundation of electronic music and push the boundaries of the coined term “bass music.” The music label pursues art that challenges the consumer and opens doors for greater exploration. 


Amidst creating a multimedia arts imprint for rising talents to release content collectively, Satellite Era also seeks to be a hub of communication for enthusiasts around the world, highlighting the latest developments in the current electronic music realm and beyond. This will be highlighted through journalistic contributions from the team along with peers throughout the arts industry.

Welcome to Satellite Era, an informative audio/visual shrine floating prominently through space and time.

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